Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Be your own travel agent!

We are going to Orlando next week and I found some really great deals online.  I frequently plan vacations that I would love to go on, but can't afford yet.  I find great deals all the time on Hotwire and Kayak
Hotwire has very low prices but has the disadvantage of not knowing exactly what hotel you will be getting; their star rating system is pretty reliable.  Kayak searches hundreds of travel websites for you to find the best deal and will give you a link directly to the website you wish to use.  On both Hotwire and Kayak, you can sort the results by price, star rating, location, etc.

While trying to find a good deal on a flight, I recently discovered Cheap Airlines.  By using Cheap Airlines, we saved about $150 more than we would have by using Kayak and several other travel sites.

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