Saturday, March 15, 2008


The guys went on another He-Man hiking trip this weekend. It was a great weekend to be outside, weather-wise. The hike was 16.6 miles long so they camped along the way. I hear that they had lots of fun on their getaway. On Saturday, the wives hiked in 1.5 miles to surprise them with dinner. We stayed to eat, roast marshmallows, help collect fire wood and then we hiked back out. The girls did a great job and are ready to collect their He-Women Hikers knives. Next time, we should insist that the guys go somewhere that has toilets, just in case we decide to surprise them again ;-)


JoeSlice said...

Ooh the hiking trip looks like it was fun! Grats on making it all the way through. Also, when do I get my packs back? :P

April Cogburn said...

Looks like yall had fun! Next time I'll try to send a camera with James.

Kim P. said...

Yay for joining the blogging world! Now I have another blog to read while Ryan is napping =)