Saturday, January 26, 2013

28 Weeks Pregnant

I haven't said officially on our blog, but it's no secret... I'm pregnant.  Make that very pregnant.  We are expecting our second baby boy in April.  We have decided to name him Davin (short 'a,' short 'i').  Some parts of this pregnancy have been easier than last time and most parts have been harder.  Luckily, I was over my morning sickness by 13 weeks this time.  Weeks 13-22 were awesome...
When I was at 22 weeks, I had some scary contractions and had to go in to the hospital for a few hours for monitoring.  I am so glad that the contractions stopped and I was able to go home without spending the night.  I get contractions very easily and have to rest... a lot.  This has proven to be a difficult chore.  I am looking forward to reaching full term so that I can feel free to do everything I want/need to do.
We found out that I was pregnant at just 3 weeks, so I wanted to be sure...

Davin at 18 weeks... This was when we found out we had a boy.


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