Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All Baby, All the Time

I am still amazed by the amount of love I have for my little baby.  He is growing so much and learning new things everyday.  He can pull up a little and rolls around all over the place. He loves everything: people, animals, toys, everything!  He has two new teeth.  We think he started teething at about nine weeks, so we are very glad that they finally came through!  Right now, he is eating cereal (barley is his favorite), carrots, peas, and bananas.  He is drinking white grape juice, apple juice, and of course, breastmilk and some formula.

On Cullen's half birthday, we went on a hike at a local park.  We all had fun.

Cullen and Daddy looking at the fish in the windmill pond.

Grant's mom, "Mimzy," says Cullen looks just like Grant in this picture.

Other random pictures from the past month...

Cullen wearing GranDan's (Grant's dad) baby dress.

Cullen pulling up for the first time.

Driving is serious business.

Cullen and his girlfriend, Julia.

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Charlotte said...

He's perfect. I'm very sure Mimzy will agree.