Wednesday, June 8, 2011

32 Weeks

Everything is still going well. We had a sonogram this past Monday. It was good. Cullen was exactly the right size... to the day. My doctor said that never happens. He was estimated to be 4 lbs 4 oz. My belly measurements are good and my weight gain is a little on the high end, but still normal. The good news is we decided to go with a jogging stroller instead of the traditional 4 wheeled stroller. Hopefully I will feel like going for walks a couple of weeks after Cullen arrives. Our hospital bag is all packed now. I'm starting to think that I shouldn't have packed yet because it has made me that much more anxious to deliver. We had a great baby shower last weekend with our friends from church. I will put up pictures from that a little later.

In other news, I finished up the school year last week. Friday was my last day of work. I will be staying at home with Cullen. I am so glad to have time off before he is born. There have been lots and lots of things that I wanted to do before he comes, and now I have time to do them.

I know everything I say and do is about the baby right now, but I have no apologies. Being pregnant is my life right now and that is naturally all I think about. I think God makes mommies like that because making/getting prepared for a new human is a big deal. I am so excited to get a baby and super nervous to deliver a baby.


aggiejos said...

I was nervous about delivery too (who wouldn't be their first time!) but it isn't that bad. Towards the end I wasn't as scared because I just wanted to meet him and be comfortable when I slept! You will do great I'm sure :)

Sarah said...

Yay!! You're going to do great!!! Can't wait to meet Cullen!!

Lacey said...

Don't apologize for only talking about your pregnancy! This is a big step in your lives and a baby changes everything! Can't wait to see pictures of the little guy!

Jamie said...

God's design is so perfect, isn't it?! I love the way you described it.