Monday, July 21, 2008

Dark Knight

Definitely one to see on the big screen.  I have a history of giving away plot elements, so all I will say is go see it.  It is very intense, so I wouldn't suggest seeing it at midnight like we did.


JoeSlice said...

I don't want to give away anything either, but I agree with Amanda that this movie is definitely worth seeing.

What I will say about the plot: The Batmobile is awesome but loses a wheel and Robin lays an egg. Batman smells and the joker got away.

Just saying.

April Cogburn said...

We just saw it last night. You're right--very intense. I'm glad we went to the 7:00 showing and not a midnight one. It was good, and definitely thought it was worth seeing.

Sarah said...

love the picture... is there going to be another batman? i thought there was but i dont know who the villian (sp?) will be bc i thought harvery dent/two face would be in the next one.... im so confused!!

James Cogburn said...

All I have to say is that it was a great movie and that joeslice and the Maloneys are a bunch of "schemers", with "plans". At least one thing joeslice said is true, and I don't have any idea what sarah is talking about. There will be a 3rd movie and it could include any of the villains from the first 2 movies: we never see any villain die.

Things to look for: did anyone see the connection between a supporting actor and the JCPenney's commercial before the show; what connection (in another movie) do Commissioner Gordon and the "big, mean looking prisoner" have; what happens next after the picture the Maloney's used (ouch).

My recommendation: watch the movie, but the PG13 is really about PG24 with a strong stomach. Not a kid movie in my opinion.